FAQ – Common Questions

  • What do we need to bring to our lesson?

All you need is some swimwear and a towel and we will provide the rest!
What Skills will we learn?
On the first lesson we’ll help you get you catching and standing and riding the waves, and that’s where it begins!

  • What’s included in a surf lesson?

All tuition and equipment is included
We provide an ISA qualified experienced Instructor, a board, appropriate wetsuit for the time of year, and a bunch of good times to remember.

  • Is there a charge for the hire of equipment?

Nope! All equipment you will need is included in the Lesson.

  • Can I use my own equipment?

Of course you can! If you have a shorty wetsuit we would recommend borrowing a full suit from us as we don’t want you to get board rash.

  • I’ve surfed before can I still join a lesson?

We don’t just teach beginners, we can help push your surfing no matter what level you’re at. Our
coaches are very experienced in coaching higher levels and love working out those kinks or getting you
out of a plateau in your surfing. If you have surfed a lot before and are looking for more advanced
coaching just mention it when you book so we can make sure we can help you as much as we can..

  • How fit do I need to be?

Its good to have a relatively good level of fitness – it will get your heart pumping, but you definitely don’t have to be an athlete.

  • Do I need to be able to swim?

It’s ideal if your able to swim 50 meters, on our typical beginner lessons we don’t go deeper that waist
depth water. If you have limited swimming ability please inform us when booking so we have sufficient coaching cover.

  • Can I hire a board and wetsuit after a lesson?

Yes! If you want to get some extra time in the ocean we hire the boards and suits from our shop.

  • How many lessons should I book?

    If you fancy just giving it a try for the first time why not try one lesson to start and we can always book you into more when you get hooked (which you will).

  • Do lessons need to be booked on consecutive days?      

                           Totally up to you, you can book the lessons for whichever days you like. If you want to do consecutive days surfing twice a day go for it, if you think you might like a break in between then that’s fine also.

Are there any age limits?        

 We start coaching from 6 years old and you’re never too old to give it a try!

  • How long is a Surf lesson?    

  A lesson from meeting at the start to being back at the surf school is 2hours 30 minutes.

  • Is it safe?         

We provide the safest environment to learn, our coaches are all accredited beach lifeguards and know Watergate like the back of their tanned hands. Our coaches are always watching the conditions and won’t run a lesson if the conditions aren’t safe to go out in. In the half terms and summer the RNLI patrols Watergate too. Rest assured you’re in the best hands.

  • Group sizes?    

     Our maximum ratio of coaches to students is 1 to 8 which is the ISA guidelines. This means we can give everyone a good amount of individual guidance. Most lessons are around the 1:4 ratio, so even more attention!

  • How far are you from the beach? 

We are very close to the beach its about a 2 minute wander.

  • The weathers bad will you still run a lesson?    

   Whatever the weather, rain or shine we will still be running. In the very rare occasions when the conditions are too dangerous and unsuitable we will reschedule with you.

  • Is the sea cold?    

    We always use the seasons appropriate wetsuits, we have early spring and summer suits for the summer. Its always warmer than you expect.

  • Can I wear glasses?      

  We recommend not wearing glasses in the sea as you will most likely lose them. Contacts are the better option but if you don’t have them you can wear your glasses down for the beach part of the lesson then put them in our safety bag which is left on the beach when its time to jump in the ocean.

  • Can I bring medication down to the beach?  

Yes we carry a waterproof safety and medical bag down to the beach so we can put it in there for you.

  • Do you have changing rooms?      

Our changing rooms are currently closed due to the current COVID 19 guidelines

  • What times are you open?    

 Our shop and office is open from 9am to 5pm, but we will still receive your bookings out of these times.

  • Do you ever cancel a lesson?  

In the very rare cases when the conditions are too dangerous we will reschedule with you as your safety is our first priority.

  • Where do we meet?  

We meet at our surf school and shop joined to WAX in Watergate bay around 10 minutes before the lesson is starting.

  • Where are you located?    

Were located next/joined to Wax Watergate Restaurant. In Watergate Bay, Cornwall.

  • Where can I park?      

          There’s two car parks in Watergate Bay very close to the surf school.

  • Is there somewhere to eat?

           We are part of the WAX family which is joined to us, perfect for an after surf hot chocolate or summer beverage!                                                      

Surfing takes a lot of time to get good at, its all about the journey and nobody stops learning. So its really important to give yourself the best opportunity by taking lessons so you don’t pick up any bad habits from the start and you can make the most of yours